Solidea has thought of "real" women who, proud of their curves, have regained the pleasure of dressing up, pleasing themselves and enjoying comfort in everything they wear. Our innovative Curvy 70 sheer tights dress women with Mediterranean body shape. They offer new harmony in their proportions between height and hip circumference for a perfect fit. The graduated compression 12/15 mmHg improves circulation, brings relief to the legs and prevents venous insufficiency.

heir smooth knit is elegant and suitable for all looks. With antistress insole. The waistband does not pinch and consequently leaves no marks, thanks to a special elastic weave that adheres perfectly to your body and does not cause allergies. The top, designed without the hygienic "gusset", normally used in comfortable sizes, has the structure of a "regular" size: it has the same capacity and has been made to adapt to generous forms thanks to the special elasticity of the fabric. The top embraces your hips, adapting perfectly to soft shapes and fitting up to 2 sizes larger than your ideal weight.

Preventive Serie

Curvy 70 sheer

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